Are you aged 17-23?
Do you want to stand up for justice and speak out for peace?
Do you want to be equipped to share your faith at home and around the world?

Hello, I’m Amy!

I’m a first year theology student.

As part of my theology course, I needed to do four hours week in a Christian organisation or church. I thought and prayed long and hard about what I should do. So I choose Release as I had no previous experience with persecuted Christians; I only had some knowledge from studying Religious Studies at A-Level.

Once I considered Release, the opportunity of doing their Change Makers course programme opened up. This gave me the opportunity to engage with young people, do talks in schools and churches, organise publicity and fundraising events, church weekends, meeting people passion about supporting persecuted Christians from across the United Kingdom and further afield.

This programme has stretched and challenged me; it certainly hasn’t been boring! I have been given so many different opportunities to do different church events and organise publicity and fundraising events.

One of the things I have found most challenging about being a Change Maker has been connecting with persecution and the reality of it for my brothers and sisters in Christ. In the West, persecution is different and often not as physical as in other countries. So when I hear stories of people physically beaten or killed, my heart has to be deeply challenged to remember this is REAL.  And not only that….. BUT it is happening simply for their FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST. The thing that challenges me is if I were in their country, I’d be persecuted for standing for Jesus or even writing this blog right now.

Another aspect of the Change Makers programme that attracted me was the opportunity to fly across the world, meet the persecuted Christians and support them.  This is something that I will be doing this summer and I am very excited. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity where I will get to see the reality of persecution.  Through meeting the Christians, hearing the stories, making the connections, I believe I will be better equipped to promote change across Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and potentially the whole world.

Going back to the questions at the start.

Do you fit the criteria?

Do you want challenged in trying something different?

As a student, this programme has helped me to see how the theory of my course works in practice. Maybe you think I am not doing theology, it doesn’t matter. This programme will give you opportunities to develop skills and in your discipleship of being more like Jesus, which will set you up for life.

So I challenge you to contact your nearest Release worker and see what aspect of the work you could be involved in!!