Persecution Uncovered pack

A 6 part course for youth groups or CU’s, packed full of resources – £10


Tortured for Christ book

The founder of the Release International, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, loved people. Read his story – £8


Sri Lanka Dog Tags

A dog tag with a Bible verse inscribed for you. Funds got to a Summer Camp in Sri Lanka for children affected by persecution – £12.99


Jars of Clay book

What the West needs to learn from the persecuted church – £8


Be a Snaptavist

There are many ways we can support Christians who are facing difficult circumstances: we can pray for them, we can donate money to fund practical initiatives, we can even support Christian workers who are able to visit them in person. But what about those of us who aren’t able to visit but still want to make a personal impact? Well, we have some good news! We are able to contribute on a personal level by giving from our own skills and abilities. There are children in various countries who have been through traumatic ordeals, have lost members of their families and have been left alone. As they reach their teens many will have already witnessed, to a degree, the severe cost of choosing to follow Christ in their country. In this section you will find a selection of creative ideas that have been put together to inspire you to get inventive in helping out. Be a part of their story.

A snaptavist is someone who stands up for justice and speaks up for peace, by using social media.

We want our snaptavist to use Imagery as a way of expressing the issues surrounding persecution.

Step 1: Start getting creative and focus on what you’re going to produce around the following issues…

  • LOVE

Step 2: Get snapping, add text, filters and make video etc….

Step 3: Share on Release Potential’s Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram

Youth Leader Resources 17+

Back 2 Basics pack

A 6 part discipleship course which can be run at your own pace

Prayer guidance

Prayer support is vital to those who suffer for their faith in Jesus. Please use this guide to encourage and prompt you to pray

Stand up

Youth group, you can take a stand today

Speak out

Say something about Christian persecution – be bold and tell someone about the reality of what is going on

Write to prisoners

You can write to Christians who are suffering persecution to show that you care and remind them they are not forgotten

Hold a House Church event

Have church at home! You could raise money for displaced Christians

Youth Leader Resources for 11-16 year olds

We want to make sure youth leaders can have access to resources for 11 -16 -year-olds. Here are some youth group resources you can use to introduce the issue of persecution to your young people.

Encourage your young people to hear the story of persecution and challenge them to take action.

Youth Group Session – Persecution 
World Map
Prayer Cards