Release Potential works with young people, students and youth workers to engage with the story of pain, passion and grace experienced by persecuted Christians today

Change Makers

Be The Change as you encourage and support followers of Jesus whatever the cost.  Spend a year serving your brothers and sisters in Christ



Give the gift of education to communities torn apart by religious violence


Uncover and explore some of the issues surrounding persecution and what following Jesus costs.
These six sessions have been written for Christian youth groups and CU’s


Welcome to Release Potential

Release Potential is the young adults (18-35) ministry of Release International; a charity that supports persecuted Christians around the world.

Release Potential aims to inspire and challenge creative young Christians based in the UK and Ireland to engage passionately and practically with the issue of persecution.

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Current News

Eritrean Mother of Three Dies in Desert Prison

Our sister Fikadu has died in an Eritrean prison camp within three months of her arrest. Her three children do not have their father to care for them either: he was detained with Fikadu, along with every single member of their church, as our partners working in...

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Living for Him, Dying to Live

Living for Him, Dying to Live

Ever read Psalm 22?  And I don’t just mean read it as one would read the newspaper or a gripping novel.  I mean have you ever read it repeatedly; chewed over the words and thought about them so much that a magnificent picture is allowed to form in your mind’s eye, as...

He is my Refuge and my Fortress

He is my Refuge and my Fortress

Hey guys, so today I read something a little bitter sweet (I had so many mixed thoughts). Initially I thought wow...isn't God amazing? But then on the flip side I thought how could humanity be so cruel? Being persecuted for your beliefs and what you know is truth, is...

The Team



UK Director

Laura keeps the Release Potential team grounded and has a wealth of expertise! She has joined us this year and we are excited about her passion and her dedication to her brothers and sisters who are persecuted for their faith.



Team Leader

Lola is passionate about young people and equipping them to reach their full potential through the power of the gospel! She wants to empower and equip students, young people and youth workers with practical and creative ways of raising awareness about persecuted believers around the world.  



Comms Coordinator

Carina loves a good story. She is an ordinary girl who likes to tell extraordinary stories of encouragement and animated stories of how God is on the move through His people. She loves to hear from young people, both UK and abroad, who have their own unique stories unfolding.