It’s hot enough here but imagine living in Uttar Pradesh, India, where temperatures can reach 40C. Then imagine your neighbours had cut off a vital water supply… just because you were a Christian.

Our brothers and sisters in a village in the northern state are being denied access to water for their crops – to force them to deny Jesus. They have steadfastly refused. 

Please pray that God will strengthen our Christian family in Jalalabad village in Ghazipur District, as they come under intense pressure to recant their faith.

Local Hindus are refusing to sell water from their boreholes to four Christian families, and their crops are dying as a result. Even local police and the village chief have not intervened to restore the water supply, despite the Christians’ appeals for help.

Neighbours accuse the Christians of converting people by force. Yet, on one recent occasion, a mob forced every local Christian to take part in Hindu rituals and declare that they denied Christ. Some younger Christians reportedly felt they had no option but to give in to these demands. Those who resisted were beaten – and now find themselves without water for farming.

‘They have all joined together and are conspiring against us,’ says one of the Christian women.

  • Pray that God will strengthen and provide for His people in Jalalabad.
  • Pray that Jesus will comfort and speak clearly to those Christians who felt compelled to deny Him. Pray that they will know His acceptance, just as the apostle Peter did, and will be restored in their faith.
  • Ask God to build and strengthen His church in India amid mounting intolerance and hostility towards non-Hindus.
  • Pray that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take decisive action to curb Hindu extremism and anti-Christian violence.

(Source: Morning Star News)