Release Potential travelled with two Change Makers to Cairo in August 2014. Our lives were transformed and our minds and hearts challenged by our brothers and sisters in the faith, who diligently serve the Muslim community. As a result I want to share a story of faith, the kind of faith that believes that God can use us in desperate and perilous situations.   

Our partners in Cairo run an outreach project that provides medical check-ups and medicine for the Muslim community. They set up portable clinics and have professional Christian health advisers and doctors, who provide this service for FREE!! 

This is just one way they choose to love in their community. On one occasion, they met a man, let’s call him Phil (not his real name). Phil shared extremist Islamic views and claimed to be a part of a Jihad terrorist group.  Phil was not impressed by our partners’ efforts to share the gospel. So he began to plan to sabotage their healthcare outreach project. He decided he would report them to the local authorities, claiming that they had provided the wrong diagnosis and that he had been ill-treated by the Egyptian Christians. 

After being treated by a Christian doctor, Phil received a prescription for free medicine.  He was convinced that our partners’ outreach project had underlying motives and went to a Muslim doctor and local Muslim pharmacist to get a second opinion. The Muslim doctor examined him, and informed him that the diagnosis was correct, while the pharmacist insisted that the  prescription he had received was of the highest quality. The doctor also shared that he himself would not have given him the prescription because the medicine was too expensive to give out in the local community.

Phil began to feel convicted by the outreach programme’s willingness to give quality care for the Muslim community. So much so, Phil went back a few weeks later and apologised for planning to sabotage their project. Phil wanted to know why they were doing this to help the community and that’s when they were able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through this encounter of love Phil gave his life to Jesus that day.

They took a risk witnessing to a member of an extremist terrorist group but they put their faith in God. The staff and volunteers that serve week in, week out knew that God would meet this man. 

What a challenge! I have all heaven behind me, so I will put my faith in our God who supplies all our needs.

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