Decorate your home or tree with beautiful stories of steadfastness in the face of persecution


These Christmas Stars will be available as a download purchase from early November. Once downloaded you will need to print them off and follow the cut-out and folding instructions. Then simply decorate your home or church with these unique treasures.

Each origami Christmas Star features a photo of a family or an individual who has suffered for their faith in Jesus.

We are sharing their stories with you and hoping that when people notice them on your tree it will give you a way of sharing their story with others.

Having a photo of a family or person on display help us to remember and, in turn, to pray for them – after all that’s often why we have photos of our family and friends on display at home.

So we are asking you to invite a few more in this Christmas and remember them at a time where we give thanks for what we have and celebrate our Lord.

Folding Guide Video

It can be a bit tricky if you are not an origami-whizz, so we have a helpful step-by-step video guide to help you fold your Christmas Stars.






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