What is

Becoming a Change Maker allows you to explore discipleship through the perspective of persecuted Christian community. Through five diverse and exciting streams we equip you to learn biblical foundation, create a call to action and ?

In your first year you’ll develop your understanding of persecution whys and how? You’ll build a Biblical foundation of persecution. Then you’ll learn about ways we can make a change to support Persecuted Christians, by developing creative strategies with your mentor and community. You have the choice of picking 2 -5 different streams; Prayer; Fundraising; Support; Awareness and Campaigning; Mission.

There is so much learn and be a part of on the Change Makers programme so there is an optional second year programme create to give you access to Release Potential connections and resources to continue being an ambassador for persecuted Christians. In your second year, you’ll select a major fundraising project based on our partners work and create your own personal campaign and fundraising plan for the project of your choice this will include an optional mission trip to Northern Ireland to encourage young people to join the programme. This second year programme will allow you to continue being a voice for the voiceless and putting into practice everything you’ve learnt.

Being a Change Maker has brought me so many opportunities to step out and do things I wouldn’t do otherwise. Visiting Egypt was such a privilege – this was a great experience for me.



The Change Makers programme provides five bespoke streams to help create change which will support persecuted Christians. These streams are focused on prayer, fundraising, support, campaigning and mission.

Each stream has a series of activities and challenges designed for you to complete. You get to choose which activities you would like to do within each stream out of the five can do to make a difference designed to create a year filled with creativity while exploring your passions and talents.


A massive part of the work we do at Release, is serve our projects financially. This stream is dedicated to generating funds for our educational programme for pastors and church workers children we need support to send their children to school, we also fundraise for a retreat organised for the children on the programme. We encourage you to get passionate about fundraising in your local community groups, friends and family. This stream requires determination, creative thinking, great planning passion and perseverance. Sometimes fundraising can be daunting but we challenge and support our ‘Change Makers’ with a number of resources and activities to help them reach their target.


Release Potential take prayer seriously, we will regularly and purposefully encourage our Change Makers to spend time with God. We challenge the prayer lives of our Change Makers as our core value recognises that the ‘…prayers of righteous people have great effect (James 5:16). We have created prayer resources including; devotionals, social media activities, and to observe International Day of Prayer. We are eager to provide young and creative Christians the chance to connect with the reality of persecution; to understand what’s happening, and to pray accordingly. We want to prayerfully, creatively and practically support the needs of our global family.


Each summer we take all the active Change Makers abroad to work alongside our internationalChange Makers, young people who are facing persecution while serving Jesus. You will get to embrace family who experience persecution first-hand and learn what it means to pay a high price for your faith. This stream is totally focused on being a part of the wider Change Makers community on a short-term mission trip with Release partners; to help support an outreach programme for young Christian Change Makers aboard.


How do we offer practical support to our family in need? How can we use our gifts, talents and time to show our family that we are standing with them in their suffering? Throughout the year we answer these questions by finding creative solutions to enable people, young and old in our communities to practically support persecuted Christians.

One of our main activities is ‘We Care projects which consist of online forums, free resources, events and speaking engagements to help Christians support persecuted Christians.

Our Change Makers will be apart of creating and sending ‘We Care Packs’ to prisoners of faith and children on the Evangel Care scholarship programme in Sri Lanka.


Advocacy is a key part of the work of Release Potential. An advocate is some-one who creates awareness on the behalf of someone else. So we want to equip you to spread the word about the persecuted church and explain to others that we are all one body in Christ and that we all have a role to play in confronting persecution because it affects us all. This stream is design for the Change Maker to join the wider campaign ‘We Are One’ – Change Maker campaign. Where we educate on the issue of persecution, share stories of persecuted Christians, write our personal reflections of persecuted discipleship, and encourage others to pray and petitions for individuals across the world.


In August 2014 Release Potential had the opportunity to take two Change Makers to Cairo, Egypt, to visit our partners who serve persecuted Christians from a Muslim background. The purpose of the trip was to find out what life is like for Egyptian Christians facing persecution,pray for them and to come back to the UK inspired to share stories of faith, pain and grace.