Give the gift of education to communities torn by religious violence

By supporting this project you can help provide financial support for children facing religious discrimination allowing them  to pursue their education.

How will it help?

The support you give will provide a monthly basis for one or more of the following – school fees, books, school uniforms, special tuition classes and nutrition.

This project will also provide the children with access to counselling, prayer and also participation in special events such as children’s camps organized for them as well as medical in the event of a serious medical emergency.

Why is it important ?

Many churches in rural areas have been forced to close down. Many meet for worship in secret, gathering together in homes in small numbers. The closure of churches also adversely affects the finances of the church and the pastor. An increasing number of pastors in rural areas are finding it difficult to sustain their ministry and provide for their families. Enforced economic hardship of this nature is crippling to families who are serving the Lord and already facing poverty.

This prevalent tense situation has affected the church as a whole and children have not escaped the effect of living in such circumstances. We encounter more and more children who have faced persecution and feel vulnerable.

Text EDUC71
£3 to 70070 to donate to Release
and make a difference today.

India & Egypt – Give a Bible

Release Potential wants to actively spread God’s message of love, in areas of India and Egypt where persecution is widespread . We know how central the word is to the Christian faith and for many Christians Bibles and Christian literature have been prohibited. So, in order to bring encouragement and to support the persecuted Church, we would like to invite you to help us.

Just £10 will help buy five Bibles. Your prayers and financial support can help our partners to provide much needed books and resources. Your continued support will let persecuted Christians around the world know that they are remembered and cared for.

Text WORD01 £10 to 70070 to donate to Release and make a difference today

Nigeria - Buy a Bucket

Release’s partners work tirelessly to support communities affected by violence and to restore people’s  hope in Nigeria. Pray for a breakthrough in military and political efforts to curb  extremism in Nigeria, which has claimed thousands of lives since 2009. Twelve northern states in Africa have imposed strict Islamic law, while Christians face ongoing religious violence.

You can use your gifts and creative talents to support our partners in Nigeria.

Your fundraising ideas will help support Stefanos Foundation’s efforts to provide practical relief to victims of these attacks. Stefanos Foundation provides buckets containing necessities such as food, toiletries and blankets.

The buckets cost around £24 and can provide for a family of six for up to four weeks.

Text BCKT60 £3 to 70070

Join the Latest Campaign

You can be the voice of the persecuted church by writing to your MP (Member of Parliament). This will help awareness, be encouraged do your part, and be the voice of the voiceless. Find your local MP by clicking here

How to write to your MP

Identify yourself as a constituent, but don’t say your vote depends on their response; their job is simply to represent your concerns. You can ask for your MP/MEP to contact the Minister responsible at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) with your concerns.

Ask your MP/MEP for a copy of the response, as the FCO is obliged to respond to all letters from MPs and MEPs. If the Minister’s response is not satisfactory, you can ask your MP to try to put a Parliamentary Question, which will give your concerns some publicity. Or your MP might table an Early Day Motion by which he or she draws attention to a particular issue and can gather signatures of support for it.

MEPs have the right to put oral and written questions to the European Commission and the Council of Ministers – which is a way for individuals to highlight important issues. You can write to your MP at: The House of Commons Westminster, LONDON SW1A 0AA or email via:

You can find out the details of your MP by telephoning 020 7219 4272 or online at

You can write to your MEP at: European Parliament Rue Wiertz B-1047 Brussels Belgium Or email via: You can find out the details of your MEP by telephoning 020 7227 4300 or online at

Give or Fundraise


Release Potential what to encourage and inspire you to give money to support persecuted Christians

Be creative by using the little that you have to see God move in a big way. Start where you are… in your community by fundraising and going without so that others may be supported. All the monies raised will support the work of our partners in over 30 countries worldwide.

Give up something and text give £10 this week – THECOST01 to 70070 to support a safe house in Sri Lanka.


Fundraising can seem daunting BUT it should be a fun experience for you and shouldn’t feel like a chore. So whatever you decide to do, base your activities around things that interest you and that you enjoy. Have a look at the A-Z ideas and feel free to adapt them to your needs. The best ideas though are the ones you come up with on your own. Why not organise a brainstorming session with your friends?

1) Download the Release Potential fundraising pack here.
2) Organise and carry out a fundraising event
3) Fill out the sponsorship form here and send it to Release Potential

Give up something and text give £10 this week – THECOST01 to 70070 to support a safe house in Sri Lanka.

On the Run

Release Potential invites you to raise funds by organising your

own sponsored run by joining one of the many national and

local runs taking place all year around.

You can find the list @


We’re always on the lookout for new recruits for Release Potential, so if you think you’re up for a challenge, have bags of energy and have a passion for justice then apply below!

  • Become a social media volunteer – join our social media team
  • Become an office volunteer – do you have a bit of spare time on your hands? Help at Release Potential
  • Become an event volunteer – Volunteers get free passes to the festival/exhibition, and their transport, food and accommodation paid for if required

If you would like to apply to become a Release Potential Volunteer we would love to hear from you.

Please bear in mind you will need to…

  • be over 18
  • have a desire to communicate to others the issues of persecution
  • enjoy new and exciting challenges
  • have a passion for encouraging young people to pursue a costly faith

Please note, this is an application process and once applicants have been shortlisted and contacted we will require at least two references from them. Successful applicants will also need to be available for a briefing session with the RP team before the festival/exhibition dates.