“Around the world today, many young people face extreme challenges and attacks on their faith. Confronted with tough choices, time and time again, they choose Jesus and live their costly faith in the face of persecution.”

Ever thought about teaching your youth group or student church on the subject of persecution but had no idea where to start? Ever been unsure of the theology of persecution, or how it applies to those of us who live relatively comfortable lives of faith, unchallenged by the pressures of persecution?Release Potential has developed a brilliant new resource to help groups work through together what persecution really is and how we can all learn from it.

Persecution Uncovered explores issues creatively and honestly, offering groups the chance to work things out for themselves and experience the hope and support that come from knowing that we are all one body in Jesus.Starting with dealing with persecution, the series goes on to cover solidarity, forgiveness, resilience, redemption and sacrifice.

The six sessions are designed to be adaptable to each group’s needs, exploring different aspects of the realities of persecution in practical, engaging and challenging ways.

Each session includes icebreaker games, Bible study and discussion, creative response and prayers designed to encourage the group members to think about persecution, supported by what the Bible teaches, and then to respond in a way that helps them take their thoughts and apply it into their everyday life.

Release Potential’s desire is that all young people will understand better what persecution is, and the experiences that so many of their peers around the world have because they too believe in Jesus.Persecution can be a tough topic to tackle and can leave some of us feeling inadequate, unspiritual, ungrateful or unworthy. But when we really look at what persecution is, and when we really choose to learn from our family around the world, we get to know the true grace and kindness of our God.

Understanding persecution is a great way to disciple young people, and for us all to grow in our faith. Persecution Uncovered is just what we all need to get our heads around a difficult subject and move closer to Jesus, sharing in his suffering and the suffering and joy of our brothers and sisters.

– Alexandra